Vol 25–17th January — 23th January 2022

🪙 Crypto Market News

Countries that secure some Bitcoin today will be better off than their Peers. Even if a country doesn’t agree with the fundamentals of bitcoin, it will be forced to acquire some as a form of insurance, Fidelity wrote in a recent report. The report contrasted China’s crackdown on bitcoin throughout…

Today’s post is a bit more technical than usual but nevertheless very important to understand scaling solutions to overcome the Ethereum network limitations.

Problem definition

Ethereum has been a driving force behind all the major blockchain and crypto trends such as initial coin offering, DeFi and the NFT boom. …

Opeansea is the giant of the NFT marketplace and almost dominates 100% of the market. It comes to no surprise as OpenSea literally invented the idea of an NFT market. During the bear market from 2018 -2021, OpenSea founders kept building and today we their success. Competitors want to get…

Vol 24–10th January — 16th January 2022

🪙 Crypto Market News

PayPal Says It Is ‘Exploring a Stablecoin’ After Dev Discovers It in Code. For years, cryptocurrency has been hailed as a technology that would supplant centralized payment services because it could make transactions cheaper and cut out the financial intermediary. But more and more, those legacy services are looking to…

Vol 22–27th December 2021–2nd January 2022

First of all, Happy New Year! I wish everyone a healthy and successful 2022. This post is a bit different than the usual market wrap-ups. There are many 2022 prediction reports, articles and blog posts out there. I curated for you the most common themes from mainstream media below so…

Vol 11 | 11th October — 17th October

🪙 Crypto Market News

North America becomes the world’s second-largest crypto market. North American addresses received $750 billion in crypto between July 2020 and June 2021, or 18.4% of global transactions. Central, Northern and Western Europe received $1 trillion during that time period, accounting for 25% of global volume. 📰 Coindesk

US leads the…

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