Best non-fiction books in 2020 you must read

Best non-fiction books in 2020 you must read

Have you ever felt that your problems just vanish away when you are reading a book? It is because reading occupies the brain completely and therefore, mental health experts recommend everyone to take some time out every day to read, since it embarks you on a journey and reduces any lingering stress in your mind. Reading is also the number one habit that most successful people have in common. While many readers prefer to read just for entertainment and often opt for books based on fiction, reading a non-fiction book has a number of benefits.

A non-fiction book will not only broaden your horizon of thinking, you will experience having a conversation with the author. The advantages of reading non-fiction are numerous: learning valuable life lessons from biographies, refining written communication skills and improving concentration, you will not experience any of this by reading fiction.

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Below I have compiled a list of non-fiction books that are worth reading in 2020:

Gotta Get Theroux This by Louis Theroux

A wonderful play on the title by the author, this book is a memoir on the journey of film-maker Louis Theroux, through his first gig on the television with American documentary film-maker Michael Moore to becoming a household name in television entertainment. The author has continued to share the stories of individuals and communities with compassion and honesty through his documentaries since the 1990s, and now that everyone’s dream dinner guest has decided to pick up the pen, he offers a similar charming experience with the stories of his own.

How to Survive a Pandemic by John Hudson

Praised author and Chief Survival Instructor of the UK Military, John Hudson explains his readers how to cope with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic by providing us with several ways to keep ourselves and those around us out of harm’s way. For most of us, the natural reaction to the epidemic was panic buying household items and spreading fake news without confirmation from healthcare professionals, which led to a shortage of necessary grocery items in supermarkets, including safety gear like gloves and masks. This guide educates us on how to defend our vulnerabilities and come out of this pandemic, wiser and stronger.

Losing Earth by Nathaniel Rich

The deadly effects of climate change, or Global Warming, is the talk of the hour. The discussion of whether or not it is true has been around for more than 30 years. Even after thousands of case studies and research in the area confirmed the legitimacy of the problem, many still see it as a conspiracy. Nathaniel Rich’s book takes us back to the era when it all started in the 1980s and outlines what went wrong and how we can stop the elements that contribute the most to the situation.

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

Author and Journalist John Carreyrou narrates the story of the biggest fraud in corporate history in the form of a sudden rise and shocking collapse of a 21st century tech start-up Theranos, which at the time of its peak was valued at over $9 billion, thanks to its futuristic state-of-the-art blood testing technology. The writer explains how you or anyone can get away in today’s competitive Silicon Valley with a technology that does not work and people with no expertise of the subject matter apart from a highly convincing sales pitch that most venture capitalists care for nowadays.

The Women with Silver Wings by Katherine Sharp Landdeck

This non-fiction book narrates the astonishing story of the first female pilots in the history of US Air Force, called the Women Air force Service Pilots or WASP. Out of the hundreds of thousands of women that applied to be a part of the US armed forces against the aggression of the Axis Powers, only 1,100 made it through the demanding process, but what if I tell you they were not authorized for actual combat situations? Unfortunately, the assemblage of female warriors was disbanded without any recognition of the efforts they put to test fighter planes, train male pilots and ferry aircraft throughout the Second World War. This book is an attempt to recognize the efforts of the brave women of the time and enlighten readers with the problems in the US military practices at the time.

Honorary mentions include Girl Decoded Rana el Kaliouby and Carol Colman, Empty Planet by Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson, Well-Kept Secrets: The Story of William Wordsworth by Andrew Wordsworth and Uncanny Valley: A Memoir by Anna Wiener.

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Rizvi Haider

Rizvi Haider

Entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast

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