Boost your productivity with Notion

An excellent all-in-one productivity enhancement tool for businesses, start-ups and personal needs.

Boost your productivity with Notion

Business, job or personal life, there is always some room for everyone to be a little more productive, while we go about our daily lives and do the things we deem necessary. When our tasks are organized and prioritized, it becomes so much easier to get things done, which at the end of the day, is the main goal of every human being. Although we are familiar with the concept of productivity and its importance, a vast majority of the population still relies on manual methods of organizing their daily tasks and reminders for meetings and deadlines.

Numerous technological advancements have made it possible for professionals from all trades to digitally streamline work-flows, keep an eye on day-to-day activities, prioritize tasks and share information. One of the best tools in the productivity improvement domain is Notion, a web-based tool that provides an all-in-one workspace where you can take notes, plan ahead, set reminders, manage to-do lists and collaborate with your team remotely, all under one roof. While there are several other tools available that function similarly, Notion is favored because of its multifaceted building blocks, including CRM, real-time database collaboration, spreadsheet capabilities, and several others.

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Download and Installation

The first step is to download the desktop app from their official website. Users need a valid email address to create an account on Notion, which can then be used across a multitude of devices. To get started, Notion asks users to answer simple questions concerning their profession and users just have to select some options from a list of ways Notion can be used for improving productivity.

To make things easier and fun, Notion also offers a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices to help you remain organized and productive even when you are on the move. While setting up your account on the mobile version of the tool, users are shown a brief tutorial on how to use various tools and navigate around the app without getting lost.

First Look and Navigation

To ensure users do not get overwhelmed, the team at Notion has striven to keep things simple and easy so even a newbie will find his way around easily. First-time users receive a handy tutorial with the welcome email right after creating their account on Notion. After verifying your account, you can log into your newly created workspace which includes a Sidebar on the left to help you navigate through your projects, just like File Explorer on Windows and Finder on Mac.


You can choose from a number of pre-installed features, called blocks, such as CRM, basic coding, calendar, database, etc. to appear on your personal workspace. Too much freedom can sometimes be a little overwhelming, therefore to keep things simple, users are presented with a blank workspace which they can populate according to their needs. Notion also boasts a large database of pre-defined templates, such as the reading list, content calendar, remote team meeting, habit tracker, etc. You can choose the template which suits your needs and just turn on the NOS booster on your productivity.


The one thing that sets Notion apart from its competition is the ability to share your projects and important data with coworkers and teammates in a jiffy. To collaborate with coworkers, users have the unique option to create a separate workspace URL address which can only be accessed by individuals with an authorized email address. Notion allows real-time collaboration in a private working space, a feature that is becoming a requirement for most businesses around the world.

Most people believe that these feature-filled productivity software are designed to be used in businesses only. While Notion is an amazing addition to any business, the truth is it is equally effective in managing and tracking your personal activities, goals and grocery lists, etc. This adaptability is the reason behind Notion’s continued success, as more and more users from all sorts of professions and trades around the world have Notion as their one and only productivity tool.

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