Why Divi is the best WordPress theme?

A great theme with numerous built-in features that helps you design professional blogs or websites within minutes.

Why Divi is the best WordPress theme?

Whether you are new to the magical world of content management systems or a professional with years of website development experience, you will appreciate the ease of using WordPress for creating all kinds of websites, whether they are eCommerce, blog, or informational in nature. Unlike writing pages and pages of HTML codes to achieve a general functioning website with basic design, WordPress makes it easier for everyone to develop multi-purpose websites, with the help of numerous built-in designs, known as themes. Since WordPress is an open source platform, the themes are free to choose from a multitude of options in its online library, ranging from very basic to themes that are suited for expert users.

What is a WordPress theme?

The word theme generally refers to colors and arrangement of objects, but in WordPress, themes help you develop professional websites from scratch in a matter of minutes, create blog posts, add multimedia and modify everything else that is related to websites in general. They feature options, such as website layout, intuitive front-end page building, SEO optimization, customized URLs. In short, a theme is a one-stop-shop that will take care of everything on your website.

Divi Theme

Every model of WordPress comes with a pre-installed default time and whenever a user creates a new website, this theme will be set as default on their site. Now, WordPress does feature a library of open source themes to choose from, users frequently employ third-party themes for their sites to gain extra functionality. While there are several popular options available, Divi Builder theme is the most recognized of them all and its success is demonstrated by more than 700,000 worldwide customers, based on stats by Builtwith.com. What makes Divi theme the number one choice of so many users? Continue reading below.

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Elegant themes, a well-known WordPress theme creator, unveiled the Divi Builder theme in 2013 with the goal of creating a feature-packed platform which would be suitable for all imaginable website designing needs. Despite termed as an “All-in-one” WordPress theme, Divi features a very user-friendly page creation tool that is built on the premise of What You See Is What You Get. The built-in page builder tool takes users through the steps of page creation and modification without any web programming knowledge, so even beginners quickly get acquainted with the website development process.

The WYSIWYG feature enables users to see what their webpages will look like in real-time while they go about making individual changes and edit items. The drag-and-drop feature also comes in handy for quickly adding, deleting or moving page elements on your website’s front-end interface directly. For those who might want to incorporate their own customized CSS, the people behind Divi encourage advanced users to combine their well thought-out designs with Divi’s own visual design tools. Another efficient feature of Divi is the ability to clone existing posts to create similar new posts, which reduces the need to setup a post from the scratch, allowing you to focus on the quality of your content.

Get the Divi theme here.

While appearance and ease are important characteristics for most users, the story behind Divi’s continued success does not end here. Divi theme was designed while keeping Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, which is the ultimate method to rank higher in search engine results and, therefore, drive traffic to your site. The theme enables users to make use of features like heading and picture tags to effectively optimize their website for better ranking. In addition to keywords, search engine bots must know what your website’s content is all about. Although they do not see the website as we do, these bots go through the pieces of code behind the front-end interface of your site. An organized website structure helps the bots to understand your site’s content effectively, which results in improved search engine performance. Divi is considered to be the pioneer in producing SEO capable websites, which is why its client base is increasing day by day.

Another unparalleled advantage of using the Divi Builder theme is translation to more than 30 languages from around the world. Business and bloggers who want their website to be available in several countries often struggle to get it translated to languages like Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic, but Divi takes care of this issue quite well. The theme builder also supports writing in either directions which is crucial for Arabic, Urdu and Persian.


Divi Builder is more than just a theme, it is a complete framework for converting every conceivable website idea into a beautiful website without going back to coding basics. The theme comes with a pricing plan of $89/year and users can get a lifetime access by a measly one-time payment of $249. One single subscription gives you unlimited access to not just the Divi theme, but other premium options by Elegant Themes as well, such as Monarch, Extra, Bloom and more.

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